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ORAIO Australian Organic Health Bars packed with exotic fruit & nuts, Snack Packs of Organic Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruits and Cereals. 


Organic products have No GMO, No Sulphites or Preservatives - these are commonly used in dried fruits which can bring on allergic reactions or increase the affects of Asthma.  They are not treated with any synthetic materials, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, eliminating the cause of many ailments and increasing health benefits.


  • There is a wide range of Allergin Free products to choose from, such as: Free Of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Egg .


  •  Oraio Health Bars are naturally sweetened with Rice Syrup & or Agave Syrup, and Honey, needless to say -they are delicious.


  • ORAIO Organic pure quality ingredients with no hidden nasties, provides higher levels of Antioxidents and Nutrients. 


  • ORAIO Keeping you Clean and the Enviro Green



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