Benefits of ORAIO ORGANIC:


  •        GMO FREE
  •        DAIRY FREE
  •        VEGETARIAN Friendly
  •        The Honey Nut bars are HEART HEALTHY
  •        No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Additives
  •        No Sulphites or Preservatives  -Natural Dried Fruits are commonly treated        with Sulphites to keep their Colour & Preserve their Shelf life - Sulphites may        cause Asthma.
  •        Various products may include; GLUTEN FREE, Source of FIBRE & or PROTEIN
  •        Sweetened with Honey, Rice & or Agave Syrup,  NO ADDED CANE SUGAR
  •        ORAIO OrganicPure Indulgence keeps you Clean & the Enviro        Green                             






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Keeping You Clean & The Enviro Green!